What othe rose forums do you use

last month

I notice a lot of people have left the forum. I wonder if it is because it is becoming very hard to use.

One can no longer search a particular forum.... such as search only organic roses vs propagating roses.... instead it searches the WHOLE shebang including hydroponics and weeds and gardenias and... and ... and.. and.... that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with roses.

I also see people are having a hard time posting photos...

I see people can not edit their post

I see.... I see .... I see a whole lot of things that make the site harder and harder to use.

I have a lot of people that I follow.... and several haven't posted for the longest of times.... I hope people continue to use the site, but I would like to know where people are going (if they go) so I could continue to follow them. I know it sounds silly, but I feel the people on the forum are like friends... more so then some people I might know in life.... I guess it is because we all have the same interest of roses and gardening and we all share about our lives as well as try to help others with their problems.

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