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Bathroom Remodel / Shower Sizing / Remodel Help

2 years ago

We're about to start renovating our primary bathroom.

As of right now, we're going to remove the closet in the hallway to expand the width of the shower and remove the wall separating the dual vanity from the shower & the toilet.

So now we have a couple of decisions to make with regards to size of shower and separation from toilet or not.

a) 64" or so frameless glass shower with the toilet next to it.

b) Enclosed 64" or so shower that separates the shower from the toilet for a bit of privacy

c) Scale down to a 48" or so shower and separate the toilet / shower with a 16" or so cubby / cabinet

Or any other suggesitons, thoughts, ideas from the community would be super helpful and greatly appreciated.

Also, bonus points for any ideas on what to put on the back wall between the toilet and vanity as that will be the focal point once you walk into the bathroom and is currently bare.

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