Should I be worried? New Granite countertops, large shims.

Mahala Bloom
last month

We are renovating our kitchen in an old house- built in 1925. Everything in the house is at least somewhat unlevel or off-kilter or uses old construction methods that have gone out of use.
Our granite installer said he needed to use shims because the cabinets were not level. Not surprised. But when he was leaving, he told me to get moulding (can't remember the name of the type- help?) As soon as possible because it needs to help support the granite.
I guess I am just wondering how some moulding and finishing nails is going to be enough to *really* support the granite enough, and it sounds like an urgent need.
Photos: one just showing the shims and gap, and another with two paint sticks shoved into the gap. Honestly it could probably fit one or one and a half paint sticks more into the space. But I just wanted to show something for size reference.
Is there anything additional I can do to add support?

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