Reliable Fridge Brands?

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I am looking for a reliable, reasonably priced fridge around 2k Cdn. I love the 4 door 36” counter depth Whirpool but at 19 cu ft, it is rather small, does not have water dispenser, but it has ice maker.

We prefer water dispenser inside fridge door and ice in freezer section, due to ongoing problems with door ice dispensers. Water dispenser is veryimportant to us.

I don’t like French door with bottom drawer freezer as I hate the way food is stacked and organized in freezer portion.

Samsung has a similar fridge as Whirpool but way more expensive 3,500k.

I am concerned about the reliability of Samsung.

What fridge brand’s are the most reliability? Is Samsung as bad as the horror stories I have read about?

Whirlpool fridge

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