Need help choosing a 30" propane range w/ convection

Emily Lux
last month

We're shopping for a 30" propane range and could use some help in selecting. My husband likes American Range but I'm concerned about their customer service and the durability of their ranges. Are the ranges still having durability issues like I've seen in years prior? We're also considering BlueStar. We didn't really care for Wolf when we saw it at a dealer. What else should we look at?

Induction is not an option for us. We would like convection. I am concerned because some of the ovens seem on the smaller side (around 4.0) and I'm concerned about being able to fit in a 20+lb. turkey. We do canning and a lot of baking, too. Budget – ideally we'd like to be under $6K (if we could spend less, better still). Any other ideas what we should consider?

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