BlueStar Induction cooktop--LOVE IT

K&D at the lake
last month

Hey I wanted to give some feedback on this cooktop. I had the hardest time finding many reviews or advice about the cooktop and couldn't even find one to see in person before I bought online. I took a chance because of BlueStar's reputation, feedback from salespeople, and reviews of their other products. Anyway, it's quiet (no buzz except low, not annoying, only on high temps), beautiful, built super solid. I love the knobs--solid quality, easy to pop off and clean-- versus touchpad...I tend to have trouble with those. It was easy to install for the electrician. Literally just drop in and wire in box. So far we are thrilled, but have only used it a little bit, as we are camping out in the house as our remodeling is finishing up. We also like the Zephyr island vent we installed with it. I was concerned it would be a big bulky visual thing in the middle of the kitchen, but I don't mind it at all and it works beautifully and quietly. Nice controls too.

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