Placement of Electric Outlet Over Vanity

last month

I am building a custom home and in my guest bathroom I have a 48" vanity that is placed next to a tall 24" linen cabinet. I have attached a photo of the drawing that shows where I had directed the electrician to place the forward, I went to the house and the outlet was placed 2" to the left of the vanity (see picture). This puts it between the vanity and the toilet. My GC is telling me that putting the outlet over the sink is not right. That it is always placed to the side of a the vanity so that it doesn't interfere with the vanity mirror. Is that correct? Is it ALWAYS placed to the side of the vanity? I have 4 bathrooms in my current house and all have outlets over the vanity, and I like it that way. Has something changed since my current house was built 20 years ago? Since the house has been drywalled, what are my options to get it changed at this point? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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