Help! Will BM Dove White Cabinets look good with LG Aura Quartz?

Renee H
last month
last modified: last month

Help! We ordered kitchen cabinets in Benjamin Moore Dove White, and we are trying to decide on countertop. Will LG Aura Quartz be a good choice? We really have a hard time visualizing even with the sample pieces taken home with us, as they are small. We do like the entire slab of Aura. Will the cabinets look more yellow with this Quartz as it seem to be a grey white? Originally started out with Giallo Ornamental Granite, but as we shopped around thought it might be better to go with a simpler look with the Quartz. Any ideas/suggestions what countertop would look best with BM Dove White Shaker Cabinets? We have no photos.

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