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Styling/storage ideas for a kids “play room” off the front entry?

2 years ago

Hi! I’ve posted a few other things here recently about a home are interested in purchasing. One of the requirements for us was having a dedicated kids room to store their toys, etc. In this home, there is a room directly to the left of the front entry (used as a sitting room by the current owners) that would work for this - but since it’s the first thing people will see when entering, I don’t want it to look like a colorful mess of toys and multi colored tot boxes / storage bins. I want it to look nice and neutral. I am thinking we will need to get creative with storage (we have a LOT of toys - kids are ages 2, 4 and 6). I would eventually like this room to be a place where the kids can do crafts, homework, etc. Please send me your ideas for this space. :)

Side note - there are other ”bonus rooms” in the home - but one is the office toward the back of the house, which has french doors and a walkout to the back deck. I will likely use that for my office since I work from home. Theres also a dining room to the right of the front entry but that is likely where we will put our kitchen table since there isn’t a space for it in the actual kitchen— and that room is right off the kitchen. Lastly, the basement has a media room as soon as you walk down the stairs, and there is a basement bedroom off of that. We could probably use that bedroom for any overflow of toys.

Thank you!

Photos of the room for context:

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