What size tile to get for my kitchen renovation?

last month

We are deciding on the backsplash tile for our kitchen, but not sure which size to go with. We know we want to go with the biege family and looked at a few rectangular tiles.

We originally ordered 4x12 crema marfil polished marble , but the order got cancelled after a few days citing lack of inventory. And then, we found 2x4 marfil polished at Lowe's and are considering that one to save time.

My wife is ok with 2X4 marfil, but I feel it would make the kitchen appear too busy because of the natural stone patterns and the grout considering that our countertop is also a busy one. Am I worrying too much? What would be your choice among these?

This is the 2x4. It is a bit darker and has more color variation than the other ones we looked at. The wall color is the one seen here.

These are the ones we looked into, previously: 4x12 and 3x6. It is a bit more brighter and has less patterns in it.

Appreciate any help to make this decision. We are really looking to get this done as we have been waiting for almost 2 months.


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