Have you prepared to bring your trees in yet? What have you done?


I have been spraying with Fish Emulsion on a weekly basis and All Season horticultural oil every other week since August.

I fed them all last week with a good dose of fertilizer for that nice last gasp of good growth and now the time begins when they start receiving less sunshine.

As for the ares where they will be kept?

I have cleaned out the porch and set the lights and tables up. Washed all the wall and tables and tomorrow I will be cleaning the greenhouse out for the next few days.

I never systemically treat them. I only use natural products of those that will not harm you when the fruit is eaten.

So far so good.

I am waiting until the temps reach the thirties before I bring them in for the season.

I wait that long because I can stick them all on a cold porch.

What ever ones I bring inside warm areas, I will bring in once temps start to dip below the mid fifties.

How are you coming along?


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