What sod/seed should I install? (West Los Angeles 3.25 mi from coast)

9 days ago

I live in Los Angeles west of where the 10 and 405 freeways intersect, just outside the eastern edge of Santa Monica's city limits. We're about 3.25 miles from the coast. We just completed some construction and now I want to install a small lawn in our backyard to replace a field of failed kurapia.

Our backyard faces S/SE. We have a youngish kid and no dog. Our lawn is in partial shade for all or part of the day depending on the time of year, which means that portions of it stay damp during periods of heavy morning dew and foggy days.

We're looking for a lawn that's very functional: not a big water hog, good for an active family (will withstand or repair quickly from a birthday party or family soccer match), and will withstand some damp, but also withstand summer weeks in the high 80s and low 90s. We don't care about color, length, or texture (as long as it's barefoot friendly). The lower maintenance the better.

I know there are other threads on this topic but I couldn't find any posts that were exactly on point. Seems like the lawn will remain too damp for St. Aug (also an issue with kurapia FYI)... UC Verde or Tif 419 might be good choices based on other posts, but I have no idea and am open to suggestions.

Pic attached that shows part of the would-be lawn at around noon in mid-July to (construction materials thankfully no longer present!).

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