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We're building a custom home and we we're contracted for 9' ceilings, but they messed up and built with 10' ceilings which we didn't learn until the roof was on and shingles on. We're totally good with the 10' ceilings, but all the designs were done for 9' ceilings. In trying to figure out all that the additional foot will impact, I have the following questions.
1. Won't our framless, DOOR LESS, Glas shower Enclosure need to be re-ordered and adjusted up 1'?
2- won't the Rain head rod also need to be adjusted down 1' with an added extention rod?
3- Won't the tile need to be extended up 1 foot? They told us it would go to 1 foot below the ceiling when we were designing for a 9' ceiling, but now that would mean 2 feet below the ceiling given what's built is 10' ceilings.
Should they not be adding tile to bring that level up? I really wanted it to the ceiling and they didn't give me that option. Now that they've messed up, Should they not do as we wish, and if not the 2' to ceilings, then at least compensate that extra 1' up given they built it wrong?
4- the Custom Range Hood we paid for from Hoodsly. They didn't order an extension. Now that we're going to have an extra 1' of ceiling height, don't they need that extension now?
5- the Cabinets were to NOT have a Soffet with 9' ceilings, now with 10' they'll have to add a soffet. So does fthis also impact the plans they had for the Molding build up?
6- They have done a LOT wrong. A major Truss mess up that created a major issue with clearance on 2nd floor bathroom, they'll now have to add a Shed Roof dormer and relocate the bathroom. They have cost themselves a lot of money due to the mistakes ans lack of oversight as it was US who discovered all these issues.
Any thoughts on what they need to do to fix/compensate/ address the design issues they've caused?
Thank you in advance for any impute.

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