Is this acceptable tile work?

9 days ago
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California, New home build in a tract.

Originally was supposed to have tile up to the ceiling, tile guy screwed up and did it short and came back to correct it, is this edge trim acceptable? Top trim visibly slanted where tile was added on, one picture shows overhang of schluter, fit and finish of the add on is not good. We would’ve liked one continuous trim piece instead of a patch job. Another picture shows visible slant as well on the top portion.

Paying almost 7 figures, I understand it won't be perfect & don't want to be unreasonable, but is this acceptable work??

What would be the fix, and would it be worth asking them to re-do it and risk other damage?

Full resolution album:

Original (not to celing)

Added on tile

Edge trim , overhang , fit/finish

Visible slant

Top right corner add on is visbily offset, slightly sunken tiles on top outermost tiles

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