Full House Window Replacement Help

We're currently renovating a 1980's Tudor in NC. Right now all of the windows are the original wood casements with removable interior muntins and they are in rough shape. The home is southern facing and gets beat on by the sun every day. The previous owners silicone caulked most of the windows shut (I'm assuming they were leaking) and kept painting over wood rot. Most have broken thermal seals as well. So there is no hope for repair, replacements are our best bet. I personally love the diamond grids, but i'm learning it's $$$ and to get them our only options seem to be wood-clad. With 51 windows to replace, wood-clad windows are definitely not in budget. We have to re-side the top half of the house (leaking/rotted EIFS siding) so trying to do the windows at the same time.

I'd love to hear thoughts on the various window recs, as well as the type of window we should be considering. I've already accepted I may need to switch to a colonial style grid, but hubs really wants no-grids and I'm worried that will be too modern for the house. We're also pretty settled on keeping all the windows casements. With the height of the first floor, DH isn't an option for most brands.

I'm mainly looking for solid windows that are low maintenance and long lasting. This is the forever home and I don't want to be doing this again in 10 years.

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