Help: how to select colors in kitchen that compliment family room

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We are in process of renovating kitchen after a fire accident .

We had expresso kitchen with a 19 feet cream tile fire place in family room which is in front of the kitchen.

As not all kitchen cabinets are being replaced, Im thinking of below, will need you advice on below (Kitchen designer is not included in insurance )

1. Only stove side wall cabinets that got damaged will be replaced , so for a new look thinking of painting existing wall cabinets to white.

2. Paint the existing island with accent color(navy blue)

3.Existing garnite is being scraped , so thinking of Quartz.

4 Existing backsplash cant be saved , so thinking of same quartz that goes with quartz counter top this time

5. purchased 48inch stove and hood (upgrade from existing 36inch)

6. To remove smoke smell , they will have to repaint existing beige walls, thinking of picking white for walls in all rooms.

7. Extend cabinet to the celing with glass doors.

8. corners of kitchen (pantry and oven) wont be changed as the rebuilder can get a match for cabinets.

9. They may not get a match for flooring , so will have to be replaced. Thinking of 5 inch wide hand scraped wood flooring (not sure if it will be good option with 2 small kids )

(ps: Fire place /family room and other rooms will have no changes except for shades )

Please advice , your valuable inputs are greatly appreciated.

kirchen Before

Kitchen after fire

Kitchen floor dimensions

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