Mixing red brick w/ stone on exterior Calif ranch home? See photo...

Vicki Moreno
7 days ago

Fellow Houzzers,

We added new gates to our front yard and wanted to frame them with 16" brick pillars to tie in w/ the existing red brick columns. Our home is stucco w/ wood accents. Weeeeeellll.. after spending hours scouring brickyards...our brick is not to be found. It's 60 yrs old, multi colored, 16" long, etc, etc. We gave up matching the size, then exact color, then the brick altogether. The type/finish of brick is very different than what's commonly made these days. What we'd have is something "close" which can look worse than going w/ another material altogether. The brickyard suggested a natural stone.

Our house has a sort of Spanish flair, red brick pavers are inlaid all throughout back. I know, everyone is taking their brick out, but I actually like it and think it is reflective of our home's southern CA roots. We've been in it over 30 yrs and it's just part of the home, and us.

I don't have expertise in design, so are we breaking some rule by mixing brick and stone? Is there a type of stone that lends itself to our home's style? That plays well with red brick? The only think I'd like is that it is light enough to contrast next to the brown gates.

Opinions welcome and appreciated!

This is where the 4 pillars will go

Close up of right side. Wall isn't finished, pillars will go on each end.

Here I've tested one sample. Wondering if we should stick with a less variegated color stone?

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