Price Increase's @ the Nurseries

7 days ago

Is it like lumber , etc

3rd time I've been to the nurseries this year. None last.....

Anyhow, have you guys noticed a price hike across the board on some things -gardening-. I don't have a real benchmark on pre CV, but the prices I'm seeing across some things seem to definitely be higher - thinking maybe in the realm of 30-40% which prompted this post. And here I was, thinking one of my preferred nurseries was more expensive already than the others I know of. In speaking with one the reps working, she did say between the growing setback, stock/shipment has been somewhat scarce on certain items, and some things haven't been replenished since 6-7 weeks ago, etc. Growers are also witholding some stock to let it grow XXX for next year instead of shipping them, etc.

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