Topdressing Mishap Recommendations

Kevin Tadtman
last month

I've been wanting to top dress my lawn for a few years to add soil and level out some spots. So, I hired a crew to do the work, and unfortunately they came when I was away and it was actually raining that day (they decided to anyway).... I'm afraid that they have done poor quality work and now several areas are covered by a decently thick layer of top soil that has yet to work completely into the turf, and at this point, looks like it killed the grass that was there and not growing anything new.

Two Questions:

  1. What is the most efficient/realistic way to help work that soil into the turf? (I have two big dogs and there are still bare/muddy/dead spots)
  2. Seeing as I've already overseeded once, is even reasonable to try and add more seed to encourage growth before winter? OR should I just encourage the grass to grow, mow and wait until Spring to see what comes up/add more seed then?

A few clarifications, I aerated/overseeded on 8/25, and the topdress was added on 8/1.

Is there anything that I can do to make sure that I don't have a dead lawn on my hands and/or encourage growth before winter? Those muddy spots are going to be a nightmare all winter with our dogs...

Any/all 'reasonable' recommendations are welcome!

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