Miele Washer and Dryer - Hard Water Question

Steven Kelly
7 days ago

Hello Houzz Commuinty!

We just purchased a new set of Miele Washer (WXI 860 WCS) and Dryer (TXI 680 WP). We have a unique setup we would like help with if anyone knows the answers. Tried Miele support, but they didn't have much of a recommendation, so when in doubt, ask the users!

First off, we live in the US, speifically Chicago area, and in our town, we have a central well, which provides extremely hard water to our home. Prior to our new set, we've been though 6 washing machines in the past 25 years, and probably equally same number of dishwashers.

We don't have a whole home softener, and I know, I know, just get a softener dummy! But, we despise the feel of soft water while showering. So, we deal with all the hard water deposits on every faucet, toliet and shower/tub we own. We typically purchase Whirlpool appliances, but we decided to splurge big after a neighbor got a Miele set and told us all the incredible features, such as never having to wash a load twice!! Incredible. :)

So, onto my question, since we have such hard water, I inquired about putting a single softener on the cold water line right before the washing machine. As far as I understand, you cannot put hot water through a softener, nor do I want to buy two softeners, one for the hot and one for the cold. On the Miele US machines, how I understand it, it has a hot and cold tap in, per the manual, just like our current Whirlpool set. Can I buy a Y splitter to connect both inlets (hot and cold) to a cold water supply? I understand that the machine has an onboard heater, but is it powerful enough at 120V to heat up my water when we do the sanitize cycles, etc.?

Has anyone else done a cold water inlet only installation with one of the 120V machines? I've seen other posts about how the european versions are all cold water inlet, but I'm guessing they are 220V models with bigger heaters.

My second question, if we went without a water softener, what impact will it have on the machine? The Miele Experience Center in Chicago told me that these machines can use hard water, just to make sure the AutoDos is setup accordingly to hard water, so it uses the appropriate detergent dosing. My question back, which they could not answer was, won't this washer have the same effects of hard water aging as my Whirlpool? I'm sure the parts the build a Miele washer are far superior to those going into a Whirlpool, but in the end, isn't it still is just a washer that is susceptible to the hard water deposits like my old ones? Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks for taking the time to answer back! Seems like the Miele community on this site is top notch! :)


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