Lead Paint flecks EVERYwhere

K Brown
7 days ago
last modified: 7 days ago

So embarrassed and ashamed to admit this, but I need help.

So after reading all the fabulous advice about stripping lead paint, and buying all the recommended products (proper masks, clothing, goggles, laminated paper stripping paste systems, etc.) and setting up a safe zone in my driveway, I was nearly ready to begin working on my rescued pretty antique doors. However, my helpful hubby (who has not read all the info I have and who tends to dismiss some things as fearmongering) thought he would do me a favor by washing down the doors first with the garden hose. Two of the doors had flaking, alligatoring paint, and the bits went everywhere. I did not know till morning. And then of course, flakes that did not blow all over in that night's wind, stuck to the concrete, grass...wherever they landed, like they've been painted there. Sweeping them does very little...Aside from hiring EPA remediation companies, what can I do? Will a pressure washer and some sort of dam to blow them into work? What will make a good dam? Thank you!

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