Looking for a tow-behind spreader that can handle fine powders

7 days ago
last modified: 7 days ago

I want to spread (my own) wood ash over an acre or so. I have a riding mower so I think a tow behind spreader would be best, but I can't find one.

Spreading powders is tricky, the regular fertilizer spreaders don't work. I've tried both the old Scotts drop spreader with the rotating toothy shaft, and the broadcast spreader. I have a pretty nice new broadcast one, basically has holes in the bottom of the hopper that open depending on the setting, and little rotating wires (actually just long cotter pins) that spin around just over the holes. Both types of spreaders clog up rapidly with ash and won't spread it.

I know farmers use powdered ag lime, and there are special spreaders that can handle powders, but they are all huge and expensive (like $thousands).

I've looked at all kinds of spreaders both hand pushed and pull-behind/ATV types, and they are all either rotary broadcast or traditional drop style, which I don't think will work, especially if they don't say they can handle powders.

Anyone know of a residential or estate sized spreader that can do powders?

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