Question on painting exterior front door - also paint the sidelights?

10 days ago

Hi, We are planning on painting our existing shutters as well as the front door (Sample exterior photo included - not our home, but using the Benjamin Moore color picker tool).

The roof shingles are not the color in the sample photo; ours are architectural shingles with grays and some red.

Siding is linen. Thinking of painting the shutters a gray like shown, and painting the front door a red-tone. Question - to paint the sidelights the same color as the door? Or, leave them white.

In case this influences your opinions, there is a white storm door, full view - so when the door is painted, there will still be the white storm door. Paint the sidelights (and leave the upper window trim on each white to coordinate?)

In the Ben Moore color picker, the tool does not select the sidelights for painting.

Thoughts? On painting the sidelights? And any suggestions on shutter or door color?

Thank you!

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