need input on kids'hall bath layout

Kristan Milam
7 days ago

We live in a arts and crafts style house built in 1908 and are about to remodel all the bathrooms but keep finishes similar to original to preserve the historic look.

I am struggling with layout of the hall bath that both kids will use. It is tiny of course.

There is a separate water closet which will stay separate, so layout is just for tub and sinks and would like to keep some kind of closet or cabinet for storage.

The original plan was to take out the separate shower and convert tub to tub/shower, put full length cabinet where shower is currently. Then replace single pedestal sink with double sink (it wouldn't actually be the console type vanity pictured bc not enough space in the room to work around the legs, would either be wall mounted or two separate pedestals).

I didn't like the idea of having shower curtain blocking half of the window so we redid layout with moving the tub down and then have open space between tub and window all (about 30"), so designer planned to put a sink vanity there and then just a single pedestal on other wall with tall cabinet next to it. My concern was sink plumbing on exterior wall (the wall with sink next to tub is exterior) but contractor says can bring water lines through floor and will be no problem.

Then I became

concerned about the double sinks backing up to the water closet where access to plumbing from behind would be almost impossible for one of the sinks without removing toilet (everyone says make sure you can access from behind so don't disrupt tile in the event of leak).

Also have aesthetic concern with the separate vanity sink and pedestal sink not "matching", ie. will it look odd to have 2 totally different types of sinks in same tiny space?

So which would you do - keep relatively small 46-48" double sink and then just a vanity with no sink on opposite wall next to tub? (would be less storage bc can't fit a full length cabinet there)

Or do vanity with sink there and single pedestal?

first design - but need to move tub away from window

second design - concerned about sink on exterior wall and 2 nonmatching sinks

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