Exterior French doors in 1st floor office leading out to covered deck?

7 days ago
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Hello! After years of searching, we think we finally found our dream home… except its at the TOP of our price range so we are hoping to avoid a bunch of renovations if they’re not necessary. The home is beautiful - brick, 3 car garage, 5 bedroom, 4 bath, remodeled kitchen, mud room, first floor office (I work from home), basement media room, covered deck, patio, large in ground pool and lots of yard space for the kids. One thing that I’m questioning is the placement of the doors leading to the backyard. There is a single door leading out from the kitchen to the back patio, and there are big French doors leading out from the first floor office (opposite end of the house) to the covered deck. Is it weird that the large French doors leading to the deck would be in the office? Since I work from home, I’ll have all my work stuff in there and don’t love the idea of people coming in and out through that space. I typically see doors coming from living rooms and kitchens but not offices. And the covered portion of the deck that the French doors lead to us the main entertaining spot- lots of furniture and two installed TVs. What do you guys think? Here’s a couple pics for context… We‘d need to mwke wn offer tomorrow if we are going to. Thanks!!

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