How much to pay teenager to help clean rental home before selling?

Tracy Lopez
7 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

My tenants are moving out this week and I will have to clean the house prior to listing it for sale. I toured the house last week and it is a mess. I am planning on several days of cleaning/repairing after the tenants move out. I have two teenagers (17 and 18) that I am going to ask to help out if they want to earn some extra cash. What is a good rate to offer them?

More info:

My oldest is always wanting to earn her own money, but we want her to have time for school. My girls have a small household chore each day (5-10 minutes worth) without an allowance. If they want money to go out with friends, we provide it within reason.

The tenants left the place dirty and the backyard is completely overgrown with weeds. They didn't destroy the place, but didn't maintain the house. I want to give my girls the option to help out for a few hours. Mostly cleaning (sweeping, vacuuming, counters, dusting blinds, removing trash left behind, ect). I may need to paint a bedroom, but they actually like painting. I will do any necessary repairing. Just want to compensate them fairly if they decide to help out.

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