New roof and new gutters = entire exterior redo. Eek! Help!

Kristin Herndon
7 days ago

Hi! We’re getting a new roof and gutters which has snowballed into what’s looking like an entire exterior redo. We’re definitely going with a medium-darkish grey roof and the windows will stay white. I have been unhappy with the color of the stone and brick on our house and since we replaced some windows, it really makes the stone look dirty (it IS dirty, but also just a very warm stone). The stone is warm, off white and the brick is orange with a few charcoal colored sections (actually like the charcoal bits). I would love to limewash stone and brick white, but im wondering if that will look too bland. The brick outlines the doors and windows. Should we paint the bricks grey? Should we limewash the house grey and do the bricks white to match the windows? What color should we paint the siding and trim? White? Grey? I’m not sure I love the solid look of painting the house solid white, but I don’t think it makes sense to let some of the old, warm stone peek through. Is it possible to limewash the whole thing grey and then white with some wash off so there is some variation in the stones? We’re also getting a new front door, so feel free to weigh in on that, but I really need help with:

- gutter color

- trim and siding

- garage door color

- house color and how

- front door (just for kicks!)

Including some pics of our house (some have the old windows) and some photos of houses I like. Thanks all!

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