Issues with potentially converting to dimmer switches.

Harry Tsang
last month

We want to convert our light switches to dimmer types. However, we are stuck in a situation where one of the light switches in both kitchen locations does not work well in controlling our recessed lights. When one switch is activated, sometimes the other switch does nothing at all. For example, if it is dark and I try to turn on the light switch for our recessed ceiling lights, it will do nothing until I go to the second switch on the other side of the kitchen for those same recessed lights. The 3-light switch control for one side of the kitchen is for the 1st-floor hallway, the kitchen undercabinet light, and the 6 recessed ceiling lights for the kitchen. The one with the 2-light switch control is just for the undercabinet and the recessed ceiling lights. What is the best way to convert to dimmer switches for our kitchen that can also fix the issues with our current situation? Any recommendations for light switches?

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