New, indecisive condo owner

Hi everyone,

My mom just bought a new condo and has zero idea of how to design it. She wants “eclectic glam” but has no clue what that means. She isn’t researching or trying figure out her style/colors/patterns or anything. She bought the chandelier and put new flooring in. The condo came with a wet bar and she love/hates it. It’s a huge space. Current furniture is old family stuff, nothing she wants to keep.
The condo is on first floor and has a great deck. The area has great landscaping and she wants that to be a focal point. She wants to have pillars or a bookshelf across the hallway to kinda breakup the space.
It’s been months since the deal has gone through and no progress has been made. Please help! She won’t listen to family so hopefully the Houzz community will be a different story. Thanks in advance!!!

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