PSA in re seizures; update

10 days ago
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Hi, I've removed the particulars for privacy.

But here are some things you may want to know about seizures:

All of us have a 10% chance of having a seizure at some point in our lives!

Generally, the likelihood of a seizure recurring ranges from 16% to 61%; recurring seizures are epilepsy.

The greatest risk of recurrence is the first 3 days, and the odds of recurrence fall after that. After 3 months from a first seizure, the odds of a seizure are the same as the general population's odds.

For a first seizure in an adult, there is a 34% chance that the cause will never be determined (aka idiopathic etiology).

Seizures can take many forms. It can just be staring off into space. It could be rigidity or could be spasms. Could even be uncontrolled laughter or crying!

Seizures can have many causes. It can be as innocuous as insufficient sleep, low blood sugar or caffeine, can be the use of (or withdrawal from) alcohol or drugs. It could be infection, or tumors or stroke.

If someone is having a seizure, try to lay them on their side but otherwise let them be. Remove anything they could hurt themselves with.

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