New Hosta bed beginning!

I found a spot to make a new hosta bed!!!! It is between two mature fruit trees, an apple and a pear. I built a fountain this year on the other side of the edge. And then a garden entrance or viewing area AND THEN SAW empty space!!! Opportunity for MORE HOSTA!!!

I am, believe or not, I am loving digging up grass and weeds. Dig a little, weed a little all in the shade listening to the fountain.

Told someone about my new project and they mention "but you can't see it from your patio" It doesn't matter to me! In fact, I think I will let my neighbor know that I am building a garden for her viewing pleasure. I have daffodil bulbs that I will plant in there for spring!

Here are the before photos, I am seeking suggestions on preparation and even design Ideas!

By the way, I hate rabbits, it is official! I (and cats )have knock the voles in to submission. Now the rabbits are my enemy!

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