Cause of orange tree dropping fruit

last month
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My 7 year old navel orange tree has been dropping fairly mature fruit late in the growing season - an orange almost every other day. I've babied this tree to a ridiculous degree and am totally at my wits end. I live in central FL. Water doesn't seem to be an issue - it's the rainy season and soil meter looks fine. I had a pest issue (leafminers) doing a decent amount of leaf damage but spinosad took care of that over a month ago and the drops have continued. I recently sprayed bonide horticulture oil in the evening on the tree and feel like I saw multiple fruits turn yellow on the tree days later (coincidence or no?) Could the oil be the cause? I appreciate any thoughts/ideas anyone has - I really need help with this tree!

Photos added - the orange in the photo was the most recent casualty today...

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