Lacanche Questions

last month

We have purchased a new to us house in another state and will be remodeling the kitchen in about a year. I am wanting to put a Lacanche in and am trying to determine which model. The kitchen is not large so I would not go larger then a 43.5" range. What I am trying to decide is if I would rather have two ovens in the range (both gas and electric) or if one oven and the warming cupboard would be better. I love the idea of the warming cupboard and think I would use it a lot, plus I plan on keeping the existing electric wall oven so I could have a gas oven and the warming cupboard in the Lacanche and I think I would be happy with that since I would still have two ovens. I make homemade bread, pizza, and lots of baking during the holidays and roasting meat and vegetables. If you do not have a warming cupboard, do you use one of your ovens as a warming cupboard? When visiting our local Lacanche showroom I noticed that the electric ovens lowest temperature was I think 150 degrees so I was thinking I might be able to use it as a warming cupboard as well.

My other dilemma is the cooktop. In my current kitchen I have a 48 in. Blue Star RNB and have been cooking on it for almost 7 years now. I like the stove but for my style of cooking I rarely use the 22k burners, I use them for boiling water, pasta and occasionally searing meat. I mostly use the 15k burners, the simmer burner and the griddle. We love the griddle for pancakes and grilled sandwiches. In looking at the cooktop options I am thinking of the Classique, but is it better to have one 15k burner and 2 11k burners or the opposite? I am trying to remember what they told me at the showroom with regards to using the griddle plate, I seem to remember he said it was better to use two 15k burners for the griddle plate, do I have that right?

Anyway, the models that I am considering are the Cluny, the Volnay or Vougeot, the Chambertin or Chassagne with the Classique (4 Feux) with the 18k burner option. Any advise or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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