Self watering planters on NYC high-rise patio?

Susan Lewis
16 days ago

Hi, I’m interested in putting a few self-watering planters on a small patio in a NYC high-rise apartment building, which does not have irrigation. Can anyone recommend plants that might work in these conditions, and share their experience using self-watering planters outdoors in a windy spot that gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter? Ideally I’d like a fairly drought-tolerant evergreen plant that won’t shed pieces that blow down onto the sidewalk or neighbors’ patios. I’ve had good luck with large self-watering Lechuza planters indoors, but have questions about using them outdoors on the patio. Are they likely to crack in freezing conditions outdoors? Can they store enough water to compensate for the drying effect of a location on a windy, concrete high-rise patio (shaded about 70% of the day)? And any ideas for more easily transporting water from the sink inside the apartment out to the patio?

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