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Add 1/2 bath to laundry room or convert walk in pantry to half bath

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

this has been edited. original plan was to consider converting walk in pantry to half bath or moving laundry to pantry and add 1/2 bath in laundry. after feedback im leaning towards add the bath fixtures to laundry room and stacking washer/dryer. thus reason for title change

The room is 7’ deep and a hair over 6’ wide. The little nook with shelves is 24 in wide and 20 in deep and is not counted in the overall dimensions above.

if adding bath to laundry room option 1 is stacking washer and dryer where dryer is pictured with maybe some sort of small diveder then toilet where washer is labeled. then 18-24 in wide vanity in the nook where the shelves are currently. Option 2 (if enough room would be to place everything on backwall and save the storage shelf nook. Id piut toilet on back left, stacked washer/dryer (hidden in cabinet) in center back, then small vanity on back right (straight in door). i like option 2 better but how much width is needed for toilet, stacked laundry, and 18 in vanity on one wall?


Original post below

our house is 1947 sf with a recently added 220 sf 4 season room(where the patio/covered porch is on the floor plan). it had 3 bedrooms (i guess the office technically counts as a 4th bedroom) and 2 baths. we are trying to decide if it is feasible and worthwhile to add a 1/2 bath on the left half of the house.

The best idea I have come up with is to covert the walk in pantry (~7’x4’) into a half bath and then put a pantry cabinet on the outside of the office wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

With a house this size are we better off keeping the pantry or putting in the half bath? we plan to be here long term but you never know. which is a better option for resale?

other concern is the 1/2 bath would be right off the kitchen. is that weird?

any other ideas on where a 1/2 bath could be added instead?

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