Need Closet Organization Help

last month

One thing leads to another. Actually doing a guest bath remodel, but needed space to put everything so I figure start with the bedroom closet, which is a mess. I am just not sure how best to better organize this closet.

I definitely plan to start by removing everything and doing some cleaning first. Attached are photos of the existing closet.

The closet is 5 feet wide by 7 feet long. The first thing is the existing doorway is 2' and it makes it hard to even enter and it gets in the way. Also not a whole lot of walking space between the close on each side. I am not sure if there is a better way to do the door as there is a light to the left so not easy to turn the door into a pocket doorway.

On the left side, there are 2 rows of wire shelving to hang close on and a top shelf. On the Right there is a single row of wire shelf and a top shelf.

The top is not being used well at all.

I am willing to remove everything, shelves and all for a better design.

Any suggests are appreciated.

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