Problems with tomotoes, help!

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First year tomato grower here!

Arvada, CO

I have three varieties: Sungold, Mortgage Lifter and Early Girl.

So far, all them have been producing really well, and there are about 5 Mortgage Lifters about to be ready!

I've been paying so much attention to what's going on with the top half of my plants that I only just today noticed the yellowing leaves with black spots forming mostly on the bottom of the Mortgage Lifter but some on the Early Girl as well. I had noticed some leaves were wilting slightly, but not until I inspected the bottom of my plants today did I come to realize I may have a bigger issue. After doing some research it sounds like it might be Septoria Leaf Spot?

Can anyone help me identify? Is there a way to fix this, or do I just have to let it run it's course?

Bonus question: My Mortgage Lifters and Early Girls have a more oblong shape than I expected. I did experience a bit of blossom end rot as well. My assumption is this has to do with inconsistent and not enough watering? It took us a few weeks to really get the watering schedule down. Rookie mistake.

^Leaves on bottom of Mortgage Lifter

^ Leaves on bottom of Mortgage Lifter

^ Leaves on bottom of Early Girl

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