Can you help me ID this old old rhododendron?

last month

Trying again - I posted this on the perennials forum, because I could not find a rhododendron forum - silly me, I should have been looking under A for Azalea!

Anyway, this rhodo has been growing in our garden for, we think 80-90 years (planted by my Dh's grandfather or great grandfather). Here is a picture of the entire bush, and one of a bud opening. I have been told it is "rootstock", but that is not the name of a type of rhodo, it is just a description of how one was used. Some of my favorite roses have turned up in my garden as surviving rootstock.

If anyone knows about old rhododendrons, I would really appreciate your help. Is there a website about old/historic rhododendrons as there is for roses or iris? Is there any further information which would help? It is growing in our garden, although of course not blooming right now.

Thank you so much in advance.


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