guest room aka the giant world map room -how to work with it??

Nicole Collins
last month
  1. We got a new house and the guest room (prior family’s child’s bedroom) has a giant world map on the wall.
  2. We will use this as a guest bedroom or where I will sleep when my husband snores and I want to avoid smothering him 😂
  3. we want to keep the map.
  4. I personally hate bright colours - the rest of the house is entirely neutral, grey, white, beige, so instinct is to go neutral white walls (like photo with passport stamps)but I also feel that makes the mural pop even more. We can all agree the current blue is a hard no though!
  5. I want this room to feel serene and inspiring (I love the travel inspiration…just loathe the colours)
    ….so, what wall colours will offer the serene feel while still working with the massive map??

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