Unsuccessful with Gritty Mix

Keith Plechaty
last month
last modified: last month

Last summer I made and used gritty mix. The ingredients were Napa Flor Dry, Repti Bark, and Grani-grit. I sifted and washed all ingredients. I have a feeling that the mix isn't well suited to my laziness. With the gritty mix I know watering is necessary much more often compared to other soils. Due to that, I didn't water enough and plants started to die.

For ages I have used Miracle Grow Cactus with great results. So I chickened out and went back to Miracle Grow and my plants recovered. I'm wondering where I went wrong and what I can do to fix it.

In an experiment, I added coco coir and worm castings to the gritty mix, and the mix seemed to work a little better for my watering frequency. (But it still wasn't as good for me as expected.) I realize adding coir and worm castings probbaly defeats the idea of having a gritty mix. The fine castings and coir probably clog up necessary poors in between the soil?

But I know there must be some way I can replicate the Miracle grow success without havig to always buy the bagged soil. Should I try adding more coir for more water retention?

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