Quality inspection for new construction

Frank Marsh
last month

I'm considering purchasing a new home, but am having trouble and/or getting conflicting info, re the reputation of the builder. Is it possible to get a home inspected re the quality of materials and construction? And if so, how would I find such an inspector? So, I'm not talking about things like meeting code, termites, etc. But, more things like;

- is the HVAC properly sized

- Pros and cons of the Hybrid water heater installed

- Is the LVP in the bathroom installed correctly (silicone sealant around the perimeter?) and is it even a good idea to have LVP in a bathroom.

- Does sheetrock seem hung correctly (no popping nails?)

- Is the deck properly supported? Did they use proper fasteners (hot tip nails or screws on surface but not screws on joists?)

And so on. To say it another way, at a minimum looking for the ways a construction crew would cut corners or just show their lack of skill, and perhaps above that pointing out some things that although not bad workmanship are perhaps intentionally inferior contractor-grade materials (round instead of elongated toilet bowls, vinyl windows from a local off-brand company, etc.}

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