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A few stragglers near the end of the season

We still have a few in bloom. A couple of very late bloomers are still going and then we have some rebloom. It's been very hot and dry for a couple of weeks so the colors are not as nice as they sometimes are. Autumn Minaret and Fulvous Brush Man are still blooming but Sandra Elizabeth is done.

This is a very late small orange (with some brown) that Bob bought last season. The seller thought it might be Hungarian Paprika Late.

This is a seedling of unknown parentage. This is a rebloom scape.

This seedling is Let's Dance Tonight X Heavenl Bengal Tiger.

Millicent Bystander always reblooms for us.

This flower of Sea of Cinders is lopsided but so colorful, I just had to post it.

I couldn't elinimate the shadow on Works for Me X Empire of Dawn and Dusk. This too is a rebloom scape.

This is not a daylily but I do enjoy the rain lilies. I believe Bob said this is a Hebranthus.

That's all for me.


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