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How do you guys in southern states do it?

mxk3 z5b_MI
11 months ago

Garden, I mean. I can usually get out there and deal with the heat and oppressive humidity for short stretches of time and manage to get things done, but the mosquitos are SO BAD this year. I've actually gone running back in the house just to escape small swarms of them. And some of them still end up inside the house. I don't recall it *ever* being this bad in my 25+ years of gardening. Not ever.

It's utterly miserable having to suit up with long-sleeved shirt and pants, boots, hat, and mosquito netting over my face in 90+ degree weather and stifling humidity. Have to suit up just to run the sprinkler or trim a few flowers or I'll get eaten alive. Forget spending any amount of time out there. The beasts just laugh at the organic repellant; even the "backwoods" chemical repellant is no match for them this year. They bite right though the pants and shirt doused with the nuclear stuff -- they even got me on my *ss! Did someone release genetically engineered ones or something? Because holy cow...

I tip my gardening hat to you guys who have to deal with this every year...

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