Turkey berry or something else?

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Last year I purchased what I thought were seeds for a small, round eggplant variety. I planted them fairly late in the year (August), and what grew were these tiny green berries that did not seem to ripen. I figured I had waited too long to get them started. I noticed this year that the plant re-seeded itself and popped up all over my garden in May. I was excited thinking that the fruit would ripen/grow bigger, but they did not. The whole plant is sprawling and very productive, though (6 ft in diameter, and could likely be trained to climb.

After some research, I think they may be Thai pea eggplants (Turkey berries), but I am not sure. They also look somewhat like Carolina horse nettle (poisonous), but do not have any thorns. I would be grateful for your insight on what this plant might be! I also don’t recall where I purchased it from, but I am looking for any receipts that could point me in the direction of what this is. Thank you in advance!

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