HELP - Small Bathroom Storage Idea

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I need more storage in my bathroom for small items like toilet paper, etc. My medicine cabinet opens and is perfect for makeup, etc. The medicine cabinet is 4" deep, so too small to hold a roll of toilet paper.

With only 900 square feet, I need to use every inch. The first picture is my bathroom right now after a complete renovation. I am a minimalist, so it is simple.

I think I have decided that open shelving above the toilet is not where I want to display anything because I don't want clutter.

The second photo is my art wall across from vanity. They would hang above 3 towel hooks.

The third photo is my inspiration idea. If I do a shallow depth shaker cabinet with doors that is 21"wide X 42" high X 6" deep above my toilet, will it look OK? Is 8" depth better?

The fourth photo with open shelving is what I thought I was going to do. But I think it will be too messy. I don't care if things are messy if the doors are closed.


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