Photos of Karndean Warm Brushed Oak Installed

2 months ago

We installed Karndean Korlock Select Warm Brushed Oak in our basement. I knew I wanted to use Karndean since I’ve had their Loose Lay installed in my office for 5 years with no problems and I think their products look much better than 90% of the LVP brands.

We went back and forth over which color we wanted the Warm Ash and Warm Brushed Oak were our final picks and in July 2021 in our area they were out of stock in Warm Ash, so we went with Warm Brushed Oak. I couldn’t find pictures of the Warm Brushed Oak anywhere and I searched for months. I wanted to post pics of our floors to help anyone else considering this color. We are still finishing the whole project but here are some pictures to help others visualize this in place. I can post more later or if anyone requests or has questions.

I tried to show different lighting in these and some of the darker boards in the photos don’t appear this dark in person. I am happy to answer any questions.

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