Prize Euphorbia Got Root Rot...Can Anything Be Done To Save It?

I have a Euphorbia inermis or Euphorbia esculenta that was thriving and now appears to be terminal with root rot. I want to know if there is any heroic measure I can take to save the plant.

This plant has been thriving in a gritty soil mix in a container for about two years. It was fully branched out down to the soil level and about three weeks ago the stems started to quickly dry out and fall off.

Photo #1 shows the initial stages of this.

Photo #2 and Photo #3 show the current status of the plant on top, which is everything is dying. Photo #3 is ominous because the places where the stems fell off are black, not white as normal when the white sap would leak out from a fallen stem.

Photo #4 shows the root system, and I circled in red the part that I can clearly feel is rotted. There are some root sections that still look solid to the touch.

I need to start cutting, but what is the right strategy? Assuming the root rot goes into the caudex, can anything be done?

The other question I have is how did this even happen? This soil is very well draining soil. Maybe I needed to use soil that is even more dry? I don't understand how this plant could root rot in the middle of Summer, when it only gets water once or twice a week.

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