Help w/tile-floor bedroom - how to create a non-drab, peaceful space?

Sarah Tiptree
2 months ago
last modified: last month

We recently bought a new place which has some great features. I'm not sure what to do with our master bedroom however.

The previous owners were ceramic artists and the room was actually used for a pottery wheel room (hence the floor tile). It's on the lower level and feels a bit cave-y but that's okay for us as we mostly use it for sleeping. That said, we'd still like to warm and liven it up a bit. Maybe tie into the pottery / Japanese influence of the previous owners.

I tried a kind of smoky green accent wall and I really like the color. But trying to pick a rug, duvet, and other decor has proved challenging. I was thinking a natural / jute rug but envisioning it feels too rough or barn-y in this setting?

We're planning to get a closet system built under the soffit on the right (where the dresser and all the mess is). But that then basically requires the bed be against the bookshelf / low wall which is awkward. I think I'll ditch the glider chair since it's such a frumpy color. We are open to other bed styles.

We just finished a kitchen remodel so my capacity to do anything major is limited at the moment but any ideas for decor or non-major renovations would be so welcome!

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