Don't deadhead those Floppers

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I can't recall if this has ever been suggested but here goes....

In prep for Henri, I was deadheading my standards in order to drastically lighten the top heavy load to mitigate them getting uprooted. One of mine that was staked last year did get uprooted so this was on my radar for Hur'cane season 2021

When I went to grab a stem at around the 7 foot mark, I did not use my pruner and deadhead the stem, but just removed the main large center bloom off my Limelight Standards. I left the side florets remain. It was so easy to do I decided to do that for the rest. It was super easy and efficient just removing the center floret on each bloom . I ended up doing this method to EVERY bloom on my LL standard that I felt was not rooted well. I went a bit Edward Scissorhand overboard and also started removing the inward facing florets on some blooms.

We got alot of rain. Which would either have resulted in heavy set blooms causing floppers and maybe some weaker canes snapping off. While it's a drastic look, it's not as drastic as having a standard with no blooms. I have 1/3 semi circle blooms in profile and during the rain if not post rain, zero floppage (due to the weight reduction of the tip). Every stem remained VERT

For those that have deheaded to reduce floppage, maybe next year, -just remove- the center floretbloom. It was never on my radar to do this myself until this year, and this technique keeps some -white- on the tip of the stem.

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