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I am gutting my current bathroom and starting from scratch. For many reasons I need to stay with the current arrangement. Small bathroom I am trying to make look bit bigger ( 5W by 10L). Eliminating the tub to have a shower only with frameless glass door.

My biggest questions.

1. I have picked out a wall tile.. trying to stay light, nutral so its large white tiles with grey veining. Tiles are about 12 by 24. THe showroom had them on a diagnal but not sure it that is the best way to install for the whole bathroom (Rest of the bathroom wall opposite the shower. Currently tiled half way up) or just the shower.

2. Looking to do different tile on the shower floor maybe pebbles or small hex in grey and white but should I do bigger tiles here?

3 Bathroom floor , I have read to keep the number of different tiles to a minimum in a small bathroom so should I do the wall tile on the floor or is it not a good idea to put white on a floor? Or should I do a larger tile on the tub floor and do the same tile on the bathroom floor.

4 Alcove with Vanity. I have a little alcove in front of the shower where the vanity is currently. Its tiled half way up all three walls. I am thinking to not tile the walls on the sides and only do a statement wall behind the vanity. Oval mirror and two scones on either side. Gray vanity.

Any thoughts or ideas helpful. Below pics of current bathroom and some of the tiles I have been considering. FIrst photo wall tile. Second the small hex tiles (poss shower floor) are on top of a long wood grain tile in light grey we were thinking for bathroom floor or maybe something different... not sure whats best.

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